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Confessed serial killer sentenced to hang in Bangladesh


Confessed serial killer sentenced to hang in Bangladesh


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A Bangladeshi court has sentenced an admitted serial executioner to hang for the homicide of a female piece of clothing specialist who was tormented before being tossed in a stream, a prosecutor said Thursday.

A judge sentenced Rasu Khan to death for the homicide of the 19-year-old in 2008, yet he has admitted to executing in a comparable way 10 other ladies, for the most part article of clothing laborers.

Khan, who is being attempted independently for the greater part of the killings, demonstrated little feeling when the sentence was passed on Wednesday when the judge purportedly portrayed him as an “expert serial executioner and a deviant”.

“He tricked Shahida (the casualty) to a town in (the southern town of) Chandpur by promising her marriage,” prosecutor Mojibur Rahman said.

“They engaged in sexual relations at a bundle and after that he tied her legs and hands before suffocating her in a waterway,” Rahman told AFP.

Police unearthed the killings amid the capture and addressing of the 50-year-old for taking an amplifier from a mosque in 2009 when he implied the awful violations.

He later admitted to a judge that he had murdered no less than 11 ladies, everything except one of them piece of clothing assembly line laborers.

“There are chilling likenesses in every one of his killings. The casualties’ bodies had characteristics of human nibbles, their bosoms and genitalia were hit with sharp protests and the greater part of them were suffocated,” said Rahman.

Khan has never clarified why he focused on article of clothing laborers, yet he has told the court that he despised ladies and was looking for vengeance in the wake of being spurned when he was more youthful, Rahman said.

“He told the court that he would stop killing young ladies after the count hit 101 ladies and afterward he would live as a plain in a Sufi altar,” Shaidul Islam, another prosecutor, said.

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