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10 Awkward Child Celebs Who Became Hot

10 Awkward Child Celebs Who Became Hot





No matter who you are, you went through some kind of awkward phase in your life at one point or another. Hopefully, it happened early on in grade school, rather than later in high school – like me… Those were tough years.

And even though they’re in the spotlight, child stars on TV and in movies experience the same thing. But like (most of) us, they do grow out of those painfully strange years, and often, thanks to the beautifying effects of $$$$, they turn into some of the hottest, hunkiest, dreamiest, steamiest actors and actresses around. Here are your favorite awkward childhood stars who turned insanely hot.

When you’re growing up in the media, the world is watching. Every pimple, every bad hair day, is out there forever. Nobody’s perfect, and we’re sure even celebrities wish they could change the way they looked in a certain movie or photo. Here are ten celebrities that pushed their awkward moments aside, and grew up gorgeous right before our very eyes!




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