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Launch Disasters in Bangladesh

Launch Disasters in Bangladesh


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Bangladesh is a riverine nation and correspondence by conduits is of extraordinary significance particularly in the southern area of the nation. Safe inland conduits add up to roughly 5,968 km long in stormy seasons, and reduction to 3,600 km in dry seasons. The consolidated waters of the Ganges and the Brahmaputra-Jamuna meet the Meghna 16 km south of Shaitnol. At the juncture the lower Meghna is 11 km wide in stormy season making it one of the biggest streams

on the planet. From Chandpur southwards, waterway is the main method for transport thus a vast number of individuals needs to go by engine dispatches in the beach front regions and inland. Since the early 1950’s, engine dispatch administrations have ended up mainstream and in the period 1997-98 there were 1,853 enrolled dispatches working in 227 courses. Th e traveler administration is worked both by open and private part associations. There are 536 private e part administrators in the traveler benefit. In 1997-98 inland conduits conveyed 87.8 million passeng ers i.e. 17 percent of the aggregate share of all modes. Be that as it may, this essential mode is ridden with sad calamities consistently, bringing about an overwhelming toll of human lives. Since 1977, there were 248 engine launch mishaps recorded by BIWTA (Bangladesh Inland Water Transport Authority) with lost 2,309 lives, 374 people harmed and 208 people missing. This paper endeavors to generally follow out the causes and the land conveyance of the mishaps through an investigation of a period arrangement information covering the period somewhere around 1977 and2000.


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