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Video Footage two type of Waters doesn’t Mix in Meghna River


Video Footage two type of Waters doesn’t Mix in Meghna River






The Meghna is shaped inside Bangladesh by the joining of the Surma and Kushiyara waterways starting from the sloping areas of eastern India. Down to Chandpur, Meghna is hydrographically alluded to as the Upper Meghna. After the Padma goes along with, it is alluded to as the Lower Meghna.

Close Muladhuli in Barisal area, the Safipur River is a branch of the Surma that makes one of the principle waterways in South Bengal. 1.5 km wide, this waterway is one of the greatest in the nation as well.[citation needed]

At Ghatalpur of Brahmanbaria District, the waterway Titas rises up out of Meghna and in the wake of revolving around two substantial curves by a separation of around 240 km[citation needed], falls into the Meghna again close Nabinagar Upazila. The Titas shapes as a solitary stream yet meshes into two unmistakable streams which stay isolate before re-joining the Meghna.

Waterway Meghna from the scaffold over the stream


In Daudkandi, (Comilla District), the Meghna is joined by the Gumti River, which builds the Meghna’s waterflow impressively. The match of scaffolds over the Meghna and Gumti are two of the nation’s biggest extensions.

Meghna is again strengthened by the Dhaleshwari before Chandpur. Assist down,the Padma River-the biggest distributary of the Ganges in Bangladesh,along with the Jamuna River-the biggest distributary of the Brahmaputra, join with the Meghna in Chandpur District, bringing about the Lower Meghna.

At the point when the chestnut and murky water of the Padma blend with the reasonable water of the Upper Meghna, the two streams don’t blend however stream in parallel down to the ocean – making half of the waterway clear and the other half cocoa. This idiosyncrasy of the waterway is dependably an extraordinary fascination for individuals.

After Chandpur, the consolidated stream of the Padma , Jamuna and Meghna moves down to the Bay of Bengal in a straight line, meshing periodically into various riverines including the Pagli, Katalia, Dhonagoda, Matlab and Udhamodi. These streams rejoin the Meghna at various focuses downstream.

Close Bhola, just before streaming into the Bay of Bengal, the waterway again partitions into two standards in the Ganges delta and isolates an island from both sides of the territory. The western stream is called Ilsha while the eastern one is called Bamni


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