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Just dive into river then the body can be transformed into a skeleton




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The Río Tinto is a stream in southwestern Spain that starts in the Sierra Morena piles of Andalusia. It streams by and large south-southwest, achieving the Inlet of Cádiz at Huelva.

Since antiquated times, a site along the stream has been dug for copper, silver, gold, and other minerals. In roughly 3,000 BC, Iberians and Tartessians started mining the site, trailed by the Phoenicians, Greeks, Romans, Visigoths, and Fields. After a time of relinquishment, the mines were rediscovered in 1556 and the Spanish government started working them by and by in 1724. As a conceivable consequence of the mining, Río Tinto is striking for being extremely acidic (pH 2) and its profound rosy shade is because of iron broke down in the water. Corrosive mine waste from the mines prompts serious ecological issues because of the substantial metal fixations in the waterway. In 1873, Rio Tinto Organization was framed to work the mines; before the end of the twentieth century it had gotten to be one of the world’s biggest multinational mining organizations, despite the fact that it no more controls the Rio Tinto mines; these are presently claimed by EMED Mining plc.

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