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About Yakjuj-Makjuj and Their Location



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Yakjuj-Makjuj in the Jewish Book of scriptures might be people, people groups, or grounds; now and then seen as an adversary power against God at end time, as in OT Book of Ezekiel or NT Book of Disclosure, yet without such eschatologicalconnection in other scriptural entries.

To Yakjuj-Makjuj was additionally joined a legend, unquestionably current by the Roman time frame, that they were people groups contained past the Entryways of Alexander raised by Alexander the Incomparable. Romanized Jewish author Josephus in the first century disclosed them to be Scythians, yet in the hands of Early Christian journalists they got to be prophetically calamitous crowds, and all through the Medieval period differently distinguished as the Huns, Khazars, Mongols, or different wanderers, or even the Ten Lost Tribes of Israel.

The legend additionally showed up in the Alexander Sentiment, in a few adaptations, as an experience with the Unclean Countries that occupied with human barbarianism; Goth and Magoth named among their rulers. These Yakjuj-Makjuj individuals are additionally shown on Medieval cosmological maps or Mappa mundi, now and again with the scene concerning Alexander.

They show up in the Quran as Yajuj and Majuj, as enemies of Iskandar Dhul-Qarnayn (Alexander the Incomparable). Muslim geographers recognized them at first with Turkic tribes from Focal Asia and later with the Mongols. In current times they remain connected with prophetically catastrophic considering, particularly in the Unified States and theMuslim world.

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