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After Reading This Surah Allah is Full of Desire to Do Good

THESE ARE SURAH TAUBA VERSES 128 and 129….. First of all keep in mind/retain these verses with right articulation from Sacred QURAN. These verses have extraordinary significance and impacts in them. The advantages of these verses can not be numbered by anybody. Notwithstanding, in the event that you have riches or …

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Four Duas for Whole Life Forgiveness After Fazar Namaz

The Prophet Muhammad said, the person who atones for a transgression resemble the person who has not conferred a wrongdoing (al-Bayhaqi and Ibn Majah). Peace and gifts be upon him. Ramadan, as per one Hadith, is partitioned into three sections. Its starting is benevolence, its center is absolution and its …

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Angels Are Cursing Out Some Wife at Whole Night

Marriage According to Allah It is exceptionally pitiful that this relationship which Allah has set up for the great has been made a wellspring of conflict, duplicity, fraud, oppression, embarrassment, and misuse. This is not the way marriage should be. Allah portrayed marriage distinctively in the Blessed Quran: ‘. . …

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Dr Zakir Naik Angry Lecture

WATCH NOW   Zakir Naik is an Indian Islamic preacher, and the organizer and president of the Islamic Exploration Establishment (IRF). He is likewise the originator of the “similar religion” Peace Television slot through which he achieves a reported 100 million viewers. He has been called a “power on near …

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Abd al-Qadir Gilani Make Fool One of a Devil

Abd al-Qadir Gilani conceived 29 Shaban 470 AH in the town of Na’if, region of Gilan-e Gharb, Gilan, Iran and kicked the bucket Monday, February 14, 1166 (11 Rabi’ al-thani 561 AH), in Baghdad, (1077–1166 CE), was a Persian[11] Hanbali Sunni law specialist and sufi situated in Baghdad. The Qadiriyya …

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About Yakjuj-Makjuj and Their Location

Yakjuj-Makjuj in the Jewish Book of scriptures might be people, people groups, or grounds; now and then seen as an adversary power against God at end time, as in OT Book of Ezekiel or NT Book of Disclosure, yet without such eschatologicalconnection in other scriptural entries. To Yakjuj-Makjuj was additionally …

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